Q: What support is available for my child(ren)?

You are the greatest support for your child(ren) during this time. We therefore recommend also asking what support is available for me? Friends, therapy, books, podcasts ?.

In terms of your child, it is likely that they will already have a support network in place and it is good for them to have continuity where possible. Invest in their existing friendships, extended family and relationships with adults such as music teachers and/or sports coaches. You can think about the role your child’s school and teachers could play at this time – some are better than others and your child may well have an opinion on how involved the school is!

Q: What do I need to be thinking about now?
It can be overwhelming to work out what needs to be prioritised now and what can wait until the family has found it feet again. In the short-term, you will need to work out:
  1. How to tell your child that you are separating
  2. Where your child will be living and when
  3. Which school your child will attend (if they are at school)
  4. If there are any school holidays coming up and how this will affect the arrangements for their care
  5. Whether there are any big occasions coming up, such as birthdays or Christmas, and how your child will spend these
  6. How you will communicate with your child’s other parent, particularly in emergencies
There will be longer-term things to think about but breaking things down into bite-sized pieces can help.