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Companion Scheme

Someone who wants to know how your day was. But who doesn’t mind if you don’t want to talk about it. Who wants to hear about the things that you want to talk about. Or who will kick a ball around or listen to your favourite song (if you don’t want to talk).

A friend who is also a grown-up. An auntie or uncle who isn’t actually related to your parents. A godparent who isn’t ‘godly’ or ‘parental’.

Our Companion Scheme matches children with grown ups (many who also have parents that live apart). Individual arrangements can be agreed to suit each child but Companions can collect from school, go to the park / a cafe, come to your house or chat online.

All Companions are qualified Youth Mental Health First Aiders and have enhanced DBS checks. References are available.

Prices start from £45/hour and will be agreed depending on individual arrangements (i.e. online/in person, amount of travel, regularity).

Meet our Companions

North of England


Louise is a parent, business owner and has experience in coaching. She lives in Ilkley, West Yorkshire and is a Companion because it’s “very rewarding, and turns the negative experience I had into something positive by helping children in a similar situation.”

“I’ll enjoy being there to listen and support hopefully with a good understanding of what they might be going through and be able to make it easier for a young person to navigate their parents separation and reduce the strain on their mental health.”

South of England

North London

Image of Eily Founder


Eily is now a youth worker, having previously worked as a teacher, tutor and family solicitor. She lives in Tottenham, London and is a parent. The Companion Scheme means a lot to Eily because she benefitted from a similar service when her parents divorced.

“On the day of their sessions with me, I want children to know that I will be there, open-minded, energetic and excited to spend time with them (however they want to spend it)”

South London

Image of Eily Founder


Frankie lives in Balham, is from Lancashire and went to uni in Leeds. Frankie says she wanted to train to be a Companion because “I think I will enjoy learning about how to help people, how to be a better listener, look out for signs and also maybe work through any repressed emotions I may have.”

“When my parents were getting divorced I would have appreciated someone to talk to who understood what I was going though.”

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